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Cover of A Bagful of Dragon

A Bagful of Dragon

by £4.99

Inayat isn't a witch. She's a not-quite-ordinary twenty-something, screwing up her life one failed date at a time. But when she dumps the wrong magician, Inayat finds herself in a bubbling cauldron of paranoid fear.

Cover of Arachne


by £4.99

An ambitious young mediator must confront a terrifying presence haunting her telelink, as a deadly Artificial Intelligence schemes to steal human souls.

Cover of Books and Bone

Books and Bone

by £3.99

The family business is raising the dead; Ree has other ambitions. She's going to resurrect the ancient magic of shapeshifting, but might doom her necromantic hometown in the process.

Cover of Books and Bone Extras

Books and Bone Extras

by 99p

All the Extras normally included with the Books and Bone e-book.

Cover of Dragon Sisters

Dragon Sisters

by £3.99

Enter a world of fantasy and magic and recipes set in Qing China. What happens when Xiao Xiao, a daughter of an Imperial Courtesan, finds a magical green pearl in the hands of her adoptive little sister?

Cover of Familiar & Flame

Familiar & Flame

by £1.99

The Toothday Festival is fast approaching and with it a new kind of challenge for Usther: first love. But love between rival necromancers can be dangerous.

Cover of Making Friends

Making Friends

by 99p

Gretel's parents are worried about her. Ever since her grandmother died, she's been all alone. And besides, she has … strange interests.

Cover of R/evolution


by £3.99

In the near-future US the struggle for survival pushes citizens to breaking point as relationships fracture along lines of class and race.

Cover of The Town

The Town

by £2.99

Kate knows what she saw on the satellite footage: the burnt out remains of a town. But she was drunk, the evidence is gone and nobody believes it was ever there.

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About Scarlet Ferret

Our books push boundaries because they're truly independent.

They're a little more interesting than your average big hitter, so expect a range of genres—sometimes genre spanning—from sci-fi and fantasy, horror and steampunk, to historical fiction, crime and non-fiction.

Above all, expect to discover books and authors you haven't met before.

Founded by Kevin Beynon, creator of Libreture and The Epubizer.

Our mission

We believe that discovery, fairness and inclusivity are at the heart of digital bookselling.

Inclusive and DRM-free

All formats for all devices. Buy books for any device you own, no need to convert. Kindle, Nook, Kobo, you name it, you get a DRM-free e-book that works and is yours to keep.

Fair means fair

Sensible prices and good rates for authors. Authors get 80% of the profit, and our list prices will always be reasonable. No crazy discounts, or e-books that cost the same as the print version.

Genuine discovery

We promote every book we stock. Curating our catalogue and working equitably with independent authors to bring you worlds and stories you might not otherwise find.

This is a curated e-bookshop, every title read and loved before hitting the shelves.

We live to promote e-books - a job that's made easy by such talented authors.

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